January 12, 2013

Ride On Schwinn, Ride On

Hello friends ... It has been awhile, but sometimes we need to step away from our norm to refill and experience life from the inside-out so we can grow and deepen our steps wherever He leads. I hope you are well in this new year and that you and your families are blessed to the overflow!

I'm trying a new approach with this blog post. I hope you enjoy this and even more - that this post will speak to you like it did to me Your feedback is most appreciated! Blessings upon you!


Traffic was backed up on my way to work one morning. I assumed it was road work, or worst case scenario, an accident. Yet, no one was directing traffic. There were no emergency vehicles.
Eventually, I saw what was holding all of us captive and making me late for work. It was a petite elderly man, who couldn’t have been any younger than 80 years old, riding a mountain bike. He was peddling slow but steady on the edge of the road. With unbelievably good posture and control, he was focusing intently on the road straight ahead as he grinned, revealing a few missing teeth. The knee pads he wore matched his elbow pads and helmet. His joy was contagious! Any frustration I had running behind schedule quickly melted.