"It's great to be happy - but incredible to be filled with joy! Happiness is splashing in the puddles after the rain, but joy is dancing in the rain as it falls."

"Dare to dream -- but be bolder to live it."

"Surf the water, climb mountains ... it's called a sport. Walk on water, move those mountains, it's known as faith. Either way, anything is possible."

"Mirrors and windows are alike in that our perspective changes depending on what our heart seesbeyond what is visible."

"We can never change truth to create a new reality; truth changes us to discover a deeper reality."
"With every new beginning comes the dawn of another day, another chapter in our unfolding testimony, another reason to celebrate and to be thankful ..."
"Change doesn't come as a result of circumstances. Change is our heart's response to the challenge in spite of the circumstances."
 "Don't limit your challenges ... challenge your limits."
"The impression we desire to make in the world is like a foam mattress that springs back to the touch, yet if our desire is to allow for God to make an impression through us, it is like a handprint in a ball of clay"
"We can either choose to step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves through change, or we can keep doing the same routine and not see what God can do beyond routine. Either way, we need to be at peace with our choices and have peace in our heart. As for me - I am ready to challenge myself for the sake of continued growth and to move deeper into the person who God called me to be. Amazing blessings await!"
“Most often, where do we look to see our dreams become reality? Our future. Sometimes what we are truly seeking is right in our midst; we may not even realize it. If you have a passion for something you are already doing, your passion may be that dream yet identified. Right now may be where your dream desires to take root. Let it grow with you. You are already on your way.”
“Success is over-rated for the underachiever. Success is under-rated for the overachiever. Balance is key to achieve success right where it's meant to be.”

"Make every day the best day of your life."
"I can choose to make today a day to remember or a day I'd rather forget. The power of our words can accomplish both.”

"Like the unfolding of a rose in due season and a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time, you are a blessing woven by God's hands."

"My suggestion for a warm rainy Spring day? Get outside and get soaked. It's incredibly invigorating and well worth the joy of being alive."

"Giving up after failure builds reputation. Rising up and continuing forward builds character."

"One single step does begin a journey, but make sure it's in the right direction."
"Courage makes a path to freedom in the midst of adversity. Encouragement helps others to see the path before the way is cleared."

"Life is meant to be lived in one direction - forward."