April 30, 2012

With Wings as Eagles

As I looked down from the mountaintop, I noticed an eagle ready to take flight from its rocky perch. “Fear not,” came a whisper to my heart. The eagle sprung forward and took flight.

The first few moments of its flight shouted “Freedom!” The eagle circled and zig-zagged purposefully yet gracefully. Another word settled in my heart: “Rejoice!” The eagle spiraled downward into the cavern, then with its mighty wings, it climbed the air and screeched. The echo imprinted itself in the air current as the eagle straightened its body and flew out of my view toward its destination.

April 3, 2012

I Am a Woman of God

Just recently I came thru a season when I was challenged to discover who I am – not to know my name, not to make a list of labels that describe what I do or what gifts or talents I may possess. I’m talking about who I am at the core of who God created me to be.

What I learned is who I am is a reflection of whose I am, a reflection of His love carried thru the generations of His beloved creation. I am a daughter of the King. I am a woman of God.