August 5, 2011

The Key to Survival - Part 2

Welcome back to the Key to Survival – Part 2!

Well, finally … here they are – three keys to survival when taking on a challenge or event or being challenged by some of life’s annoying obstacles:

August 3, 2011

The Key to Survival - Part 1

What do zip-lines, whirlpools and life have in common?

As a young girl, I often went swimming with my friends. We loved to create a whirlpool. Each of us would move the water in one direction until the current was strong enough to move us. Three or four times around the pool – we were good to go. That’s how I learned to float. As long as I picked up my feet and relaxed myself from head to toe, I was carried safely with the current. Not as easy as it sounds! After mouths-full of water and being sucked down a few times, I was determined to learn the key to survival. And I did. What was the key to survival? Hold that thought.