August 5, 2011

The Key to Survival - Part 2

Welcome back to the Key to Survival – Part 2!

Well, finally … here they are – three keys to survival when taking on a challenge or event or being challenged by some of life’s annoying obstacles:

1. Preparation 
Know what you are getting into. From family to home-care to electronics and appliances … from pets to our choices and activities: all come with guaranteed and required responsibility, maintenance and upkeep. If you aren’t willing to take on responsibilities before you get involved, ask yourself if it’s something you need to be involved with in the first place.

Think about the commitment of time, energy and all resources to see something through from start to finish: one hour, one week, one month or a lifetime. What time-frame will you need? What resources would help you be ready?  Are you ready and willing to invest yourself?

If you are ready to take it on, don’t let fear stop you before you have a chance to begin! Taking risks or venturing out to try new things doesn’t mean your life, your peace or your joy is in jeopardy. Ultimately you have more control than you think. Take small steps but keep moving through your fear rather than away from it. Think about the long-term and whether you can take it on and then step out and do it!

Are there other ways to prepare? Yes! You can prepare by uploading, downloading and just connecting with valuable tools that help and encourage you. These tools also are a source of strength, growth, balance and peace from the inside-out. For me my tools are God’s Word, devotions, prayer, fellowship with family and friends, reaching out to help others and rest - not a complete list, but you get the idea. What about you? What tools would you consider to help prepare you?

So, preparation is important after all! Are you prepared to handle the task, the activity or perhaps life’s overload that may come at you? If you believe you are, then it’s time to move forward!

2. Follow Thru
Once you are on your way, keep focusing, keep thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive words. Imagine yourself where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. Plug in those tools and the positive that will inspire, encourage and motivate your steps.

No matter how small, trivial or difficult it all seems, your response and reaction through the momentum of the experience should be rock solid, faith-filled, focused and yes, soaked with joy instead of yielding to fear, anger, frustration or sorrow. Never focus on the negative side of things or it will be harder for you to realign your thinking where it needs to be – eventually your actions will follow … one way or the other.  Don’t get sucked into the negative!  Expect good results with positive focus!

Learn to laugh as you go through experiences. No one always get it right the first time – be patient with yourself! Learning to laugh at ourselves helps to ease the tension and sometimes gives light to how ridiculous the different situations we find ourselves in!

Keep moving forward and stay the course until it is complete … press in and press on with everything you do …. Enjoy the nuggets of gold that come through it!

3. Reflection
When you finally accomplish what you’ve set out to do, or when you accomplish small goals, be proud of that!

Reflection helps to empower us to keep moving ahead. Here is where you reflect on knowing you can accomplish anything you set out to do if you choose to move forward in faith and trust in the tools and more importantly in the Presence of God Himself. His Word and His promises to you are the ultimate toolbox. He will not only prepare you for such a time, He will follow through with you!

So, back to my initial question from “Part 1, The Key to Survival’: “What do zip-lines, whirlpools and life have in common?”

Preparation + Follow Thru + Reflection = Victory!

I would love to hear your feedback!  If you have a story to tell about your victory and are willing to share it with me or with other readers in this Blog, let me know!

Blessings on you dear one, and glory to God!


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