February 4, 2012

Precious Geodes

One of the most precious 'souvenirs' I brought home from a vacation nearly six years ago was a geode. The outside was just a plain rock - nothing out of the ordinary, yet what I discovered inside the rock when I split it open was a beautiful glimmering crystal. 

Wow - something that arose out of the earth, probably as a result of volcanic influence - was incredibly beautiful. I only needed to take the time to see the true beauty that was hidden inside. When I realized what a blessing that was created inside the geode, I saw the beauty of what was outside the geode. God created a complete masterpiece.

This is true for us. People are often judged for their physical make up, their appearance ... without knowing who they are inside. Their hearts are filled with compassion. Love. Forgiveness. Joy. Peace. Their hearts beat on behalf of others and for God. Yet many don't make the time to get to know their heart because they are different from them. They choose to remain in their own comfort zone away from those who challenge them simply because they just don't "fit in" and are uncomfortable with their "physical attributes." Those who turn away from others for these reasons are missing their opportunity to know a living geode, a precious and beautiful masterpiece woven by the hand of God Himself. 

Yet, through it all, a geode will continue to shine from the inside-out. That is truly amazing and so inspires me. This resilience and brilliance of spirit can come from only one source - God.... Glory!

Blessings on you, dear one!


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