March 30, 2011

Dare to Dream Your Reality

When it comes to realizing dreams, goals and aspirations, are you motivated, inspired, driven and dedicated to do all that is necessary to reach them, or do you retreat and simply give up when the challenge comes right back to you by way of obstacles?

Obstacles can be finances, time, other people, lack of resources and many times, ourselves. What is holding you back? What are you allowing to hold you back? Fear? Insecurity? Doubt? Impatience? Do you worry about the change that will take place when you reach your goal? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all you need to accomplish just to get to the next step?

I firmly believe anything is possible. Any goal, any dream can be lived out, but sometimes reality narrows the playing field and demands our full attention for us to weigh out our options before making any life changing decisions.

With both my daughters in high school and me soon facing the empty nest as a single parent, I was debating whether I should go to college to start a new career doing what I wanted to do for years, Christian counseling. I chose to kick start my upcoming venture and took some online classes.

Time moved forward and the conversation about me continuing college changed to my oldest daughter starting college. But where did that leave my goal? It was still there, but I put it on hold. That gave me time to strategize my steps and to help my daughter get started with hers. The more I looked at the big picture, all things considered: Was I prepared financially to send two daughters and me to college plus provide for our daily living expenses? Was I willing to go the haul, however long it might take to get there? Would I compromise my full time job which I actually was comfortable with? I never gave any of these questions and concerns the benefit of becoming an obstacle because I’d find my way through them, eventually… I was ready to go the distance. But instead of walking into this decision unprepared for the full load that usually comes with moves toward big life-changing goals, I would need to research out all options and plan my goal. 

During my research I came across Life Breakthrough Coaching. Almost immediately I knew this would be my new goal to seek. It pulled me in a new direction yet kept my heart’s core goal and desires intact. While it wasn’t impossible for me to go for a full degree in counseling, it wasn’t as realistic as me downsizing my goals to fit in where I fit better, where the greatest potential for growth and opportunity for me would be. It also satisfied my need to keep in touch with and stay focused on the realities around me.

While this was a series of choices for me with consideration to my life’s situation, your situation or desired outcome may be different or it may be similar, but the bottom line is never give up on your dreams and embrace faith. Most always - the deeper or bigger your dream, the harder you must work to make it happen, but if you take the time to plan your steps, consider your options, stay humbled in prayer for clarity and direction with your decisions, never give in and choose to move forward toward your dream. Your dream can and will become reality to the tune of your core heart’s desires.

Blessings upon you dear one and glory to God!


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