July 14, 2011

Just One

Recently while surfing the net, I came across a song I haven’t heard for some time, “It Only Takes a Spark.”  Amazing lyrics.

“It only takes one spark to get a fire going. And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing…”  What an incredible thought!

The impression, the impact, the influence in the touch of just one person -one encounter -one word -one action -one embrace -one prayer -one smile can be powerful enough to ignite a wave of change, growth and hope in multitudes of lives.

Sound too good to be true? Too much to expect or to hope for? Not really. Think of it this way:

If you were ever in the middle of a bad day when it seems nothing goes right (as if that ever happens, uh-huh) and someone comes along with a word of encouragement, a hug, a smile or even a gift or a song of encouragement, doesn’t that reach you deep down inside and wrap warm fuzzies of hope around your heart?

So, along comes another person who sees you smile at him, who notices the bounce in your step, the glow. You are the only one to say hello to this man who otherwise goes unnoticed or is avoided because of his unkempt appearance. He’s a homeless man trying to find a job, a meal and a place to stay for the night. You empty your change wallet into his cupped hands.

He smiles at you yet struggles to hold back the tears as he watches you walk away. “God bless you.” He could barely speak. Just then, the sound of a few chords on a guitar grab his attention from behind. A group of college kids begin to sing and take turns playing their guitars and violins to help raise funds for their friend, a young mother who needs medical treatment. Glancing at the picture of a young mamma holding a newborn in her arms then at the handful of change still in his hands, the man empties the change into the bucket sitting beside the picture.

Caught up in that moment, the girl holding the violin begins to play a new melody. The others quickly join in, improvising as they go along.  Many stop to listen and the bucket fills quickly. Another couple whispers to the homeless man, asking if he’d like to join them for dinner.

The young mother not only receives treatment but befriends and encourages other patients who are also going through similar treatments.  One of the nurses, also encouraged by their interaction, tells her Pastor she wants to join his group on their next mission trip to the heart of a third world country.

She goes with extra supplies donated by her Church family. The children she reaches out to receive life sustaining care. One child becomes a teacher. His students become musicians, doctors, artists, homemakers, Pastors, writers, teachers, carpenters, moms and dads of generations to follow.

One day, your own great-grandchild meets another in that generational line and they fall in love. One person -one encounter -one word -one action -one embrace -one prayer -one smile … That’s all it takes.

The song continues,
I wish for you my friend, this happiness that I’ve found.
You can depend on Him, it matters not where you’re bound.
I’ll shout it from the mountain top- Praise GOD!
I want the world to know, the Lord of love has come to me,
I want to pass it on.

And I do...

Blessings on you dear one, and glory to God!


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  1. Hi Bonnie - Lovely post. Sort of random kindness making spiritual fires everywhere.
    God bless