April 3, 2012

I Am a Woman of God

Just recently I came thru a season when I was challenged to discover who I am – not to know my name, not to make a list of labels that describe what I do or what gifts or talents I may possess. I’m talking about who I am at the core of who God created me to be.

What I learned is who I am is a reflection of whose I am, a reflection of His love carried thru the generations of His beloved creation. I am a daughter of the King. I am a woman of God.

Without His name or His presence in me, I am just a woman living void of any solid hope to grab onto or to pass to the next generation. Without Him, life passes by without anything more than a whisper and a simple touch.

Yet, with the foundation of Him in me, He is the rock solid hope radiating thru me that makes an eternal life-sustaining imprint in the hearts of all who receive Him. With Him, life doesn’t pass by with a mere glance. Life becomes a window to reveal there is more than I see beyond that woman in the mirror. There is more beyond the horizon. Life takes on new meaning not just to be life but for me to be alive ignited in Him.

Yes, I am a woman of God, His daughter, a reflection of His Spirit living in me … an identity I truly embrace because of whose I am.

Blessings on you dear one, and glory to God!



  1. We are truly nothing without God. We strive to be the flesh and bone on His Spirit core He has gifted within us.

    1. You are absolutely correct, MaryJames - we are nothing without God. He is our all. He is our identity ... for sure! Blessings!

  2. The best of discoveries! Reminds me of all 1 Peter tells us we are and have in Him. Thank you for this blessing -- and God bless your celebration of His Resurrection!