July 2, 2012

Transformational Freedom

There's a field not far from where I work I often go to during my lunch hour. The mall is just minutes away in the middle of all the traffic and chaos. But the field is set aside just enough from all that to be its own place of solitude... and it will draw you in.
I would just sit and read, write, rest, call a friend just to say hello or just sit and watch nature interact. The field is filled with a variety of flowers, birds, bees, insects, butterflies - you name it. And a groundhog or two. Today the butterflies caught my interest.

I started to think about the miracle of their transformation. As a caterpillar - it has no idea what is on its way. Freedom. But when that caterpillar becomes that butterfly - this freedom expresses itself in the way the butterfly seemingly dances and twirls. The butterfly has a short lifespan once it spreads its wings, yet it doesn't hurry through the rest of its life as it makes it way peace-filled yet intentionally from one flower to the next. Short life but full life with so much peace. Hmmm.
I would guess butterflies can't reason and choose to be happy in their new found freedom - but the joy is evident in the ones who embrace the message God intends for them to learn as they listen to Him through nature. Are we listening?

Blessings on you dear one, and glory to God!


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  1. Hi Bonny - this is beautiful. I don't think anyone can look at a butterfly and not feel freedom and joy on their behalf at least. God's work is amazing
    God bless