August 18, 2012

What Dreams Are Made of

When it comes to our goals, our heart's passion and dreams... Are we willing to allow God to first "mold, carve and shape" our hearts?

In doing so, we will be prepared by His sweet Spirit in ways we never expect. Strengthening. Pruning. Purging. Conditioning. When we are ready - just enough to step into the reality of our heart's desires - we may finally realize it's truly not what we desire after all and yes, more importantly, not what He wills for us. We are freed up to focus more on what our heart was designed for.

I also believe that He sometimes allows us to experience a toe-dip in the waters of our desire to allow us opportunity to live in our dream for a season yet to open our eyes to our own motives - why we desired what we did in the first place.

So, how do we know if something is for us? Joy - one of the best assurances and confirmation. There is unbounding joy when we are living in our truest passion with God's favor overseeing it all. There is a persevering tap at our hearts's door. There is peace. You know it in the depth of you heart that is not swayed by doubt or confusion. You never have to defend it, prove it or justify it because it is part of your uniqueness, who He created you to be, set apart from others. Above all - take time to hear God speak. Are you listening? ♥

Blessings on you dear one. Glory to God!



  1. Hi Bonny - wow, this is such a great truth. How do you know? Peace, joy! Amen.
    God bless

    1. Hello Tracy. Often we overlook joy and peace as being confirmation to what we are seeking to understand, but oh yes, they definitely are :) Thank you for sharing! Blessings!