April 25, 2011

Radically Bold But Wisely Controlled

So, there we were, strapped to our seats. Our legs, swinging back and forth, hanging in mid-air. I could hear the nervous chatter of those behind me. I glanced over at my daughters. Both looked back with wide-eyed stares. They held onto the bar in front of them with white-knuckled death grips. Wait, that was me... They were unusually calm.

With a plunge forward that sucked the breath out of me, we started out on our two minute journey. It was too late to change my mind. Roller coaster is an understatement. Twists. Turns. Spins. Straight up. Nose dive. Backward. Forward. Upside down, but never right side up for too long. Any direction seemingly humanly impossible. That was just my stomach. And the screams? I couldn’t utter a sound, something about G-forces. But my daughter managed to reach decibels I never knew existed. The man behind me put some women opera singers to shame.

When we came to our final stop, some of us, to our senses, it was hard not to smile and to laugh at ourselves with our new windblown hairdos. Somewhere in between the take off and the final landing, all the fearful anticipation slipped away. Incredible.

Roller coasters have often been compared with life itself. There are many unexpected twists and turns – experiences that will challenge you and turn your life in all directions, including inside out. But what happens before and after those times of turbulence?

Assuming you knew there were amazing blessings awaiting you on the other side of that difficult road, would you still choose to take it? Would you continue your journey forward knowing there will be times of unrest and challenge on your way to be in that better place? Would you choose to endure and to persevere to stand up for what is right? To stand up for truth? For faith? For God? Or would you simply choose to avoid that road altogether and sacrifice every blessing that was set aside just for you?

What makes a difference for the outcome is to approach each day with positive radically bold but wisely controlled faith-filled thinking, eagerness, determination and being purposefully intentional about making it through anything that may become your obstacle.

When you’ve finally made it through those times of challenges, you may be surprised at the amazing peace that not only follows you into that time of victory but is already waiting for you on the other side of through. Somewhere along the way, your fearful anticipation slips away. You become stronger, wiser, better equipped emotionally and spiritually to keep moving forward. You become a better you. Now that is incredible!

Simply put – Life happens in all directions. Living it abundantly faith-forward is a choice.

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” (James 1:12)

Blessings upon you dear one, and glory to God!


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  1. Hi Bonny. Love the rollercoaster analogy. We should also hold on with white knuckle grip with great anticipation. Who said being a Christian is for the faint hearted? God Bless, Tracy (TKT)