April 21, 2011

The Sky's the Limit!

A few years ago I made a promise to a good friend I would jump out of an airplane (with a parachute on of course) if she took on my challenge for her to reach out for treatment to help her through depression.  Her depression came as a result of having Intracranial-Hypertension, a disabling illness.  In the midst of this, she was unable to realize and accept how precious and valuable she truly is.

Disease and depression can do this to anyone at anytime when the conditions are just right. While being happy and being filled with joy are choices, for some who have chronic medical conditions or perhaps for those who have experienced abuse and major trauma in their lives for whatever reason, it isn’t as easy just to flip the switch and you are in that zone. Sometimes a little extra help is needed to be free from the burden of pain, fear and / or anxiety to be able to function clearly enough to receive the blessing of joy and peace God intends for us to have.

Sometimes medication is necessary. Sometimes counseling or therapy will be that avenue toward healing. In either case, that does not take away the value of that person nor does it mean faith in God is any less. In fact, when one has gone through and made it through such a difficult time, he/ she is the essence of where a testimony begins. For a Christian, this is an exciting time to be able to share what God has done in his / her life and what He can do for anyone. God is the root of all avenues of healing, no matter how they may come into one’s life. He supplies people with passion and gifts for being involved with healthcare or spiritual-care to help others. He supplies the ingredients we need to make medicine through nature. He supplies compassion and love of family and friends needed to support those who are struggling. Yet, He also supplies miracles when and how He knows is best. From God’s hand to our heart… humbling.

If you or a loved one are struggling with depression, I encourage you to reach out and seek the blessings of help that God prepares for us. I encourage you to also embrace the truth of and in His Word that you are valuable; you are loved; you are so very precious to Him. God and His Word will stand by you and with you through this!

Back to my friend: I am filled with joy to say she has gone for treatment for her depression and is beginning to share her awesome and powerful testimony. Although she is often challenged by her illness, she shares with me every time we speak how she now knows, truly knows how wonderfully valuable and loved she is. Precious and priceless. Glory to God! As for me, I covet your prayers for my jump. I am not too fond of heights! My friend requests I wait for her to get well enough so we can both make that jump. God willing, that will happen some day, yet I will make that jump as I promised when the time is right … but then again, I didn’t say the plane had to be in the air!:P

My challenge to you – I will add your name to my why I will be jumping list if you request, but it’s conditional! Blessings are waiting to unfold for you.

"Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God." (Psalm 42:11)

For more info about value, please see: A Precious Identity

Blessings upon you dear one, and glory to God!


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