April 13, 2011

What If? Indeed!

Recently some friends and I were discussing the "is your glass half-full or half-empty" debate. I sat quietly, amused and content with listening to each side intent on proving their view was the only correct way to look at it. While I believe both viewpoints hold truth, I couldn't settle on either. Half-full or half-empty? Neither! It's time to challenge this debate with a new perspective, a new option. What if ? What if we empty the portion into a smaller glass and fill it to the top? The result? One full glass and one completely empty. End of controversy!

Sometimes human nature is complacent, and so we  stay in our comfort zone. Many tend to avoid challenging seemingly stagnant unchangeable situations, keeping the options for change closed. Fear is one of the greatest obstacles. Fear of the inevitable change that comes with challenge. Fear of committing to the change. Fear about what needs to be sacrificed or taken on in order to discover that optimal reality.
Change is never easy, but in many cases, no matter how small or complex, change is necessary to refine us, to deepen our walk, for continued growth, to improve our relationships with God and with one another and to weed out the unproductive and unhealthy areas in our lives. It takes time, patience, perseverance, careful planning, motivation, desire, determination, drive, and yes, action that begins with a new perspective and the radically bold question: What if ? This is not the what if that hides behind doubt and insecurity or clings to the past or lets fear dictate our choices. This is the what if that looks forward positively with confidence in God, trust and faith that envisions you are already living out your possibility, leaving no room for fear to take root.

What areas in your life do you need or desire for change to happen? Perhaps your desire is to change your vocation? Your daily routine? Your diet or exercise habits? Your thought pattern (alias your stinkin' thinkin', as Christian author and speaker, Joyce Meyer, calls it.)

Take a moment to visualize where you desire change and ask yourself: What if I did accomplish that change? What does it look like to me? This is positive faith-filled forward thinking! When you begin a journey toward change through the simple yet powerful question, what if, you are getting an amazing glimpse into possibility.

So, what about your life? Are you comfortable living half-full, half-empty, or are you willing to take on a new perspective and move into a new reality that is filled to the top?

Blessings upon you dear one, and glory to God!


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  1. Hi Bonny. I really enjoyed this post. I posted this morning about positive thinking so for me its a confirmation I'm on the right track. The glass half full or half empty thing for me is about attitude. How is a bad attitude ever better than a good one? Positive thinking about change will definitely bring about something good and unexpected. God bless. TKT